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Tabac Original Craftsman Deodorant Spray (200 ml)

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Tabac Original Craftsman Deodorant Spray (200 ml)

abac Original Craftsman Deodorant Spray provides long-lasting, reliable protection and a pleasant fragrance. With its expressiveness and fresh tart notes, Tabac Original Craftsman presents a modern, down-to-earth take on men's fragrances and adds a concise scent statement to the Tabac portfolio.


Long-lasting deodorant spray for all day freshness
Features a masculine fragrance that refreshes and boosts confidence
This deodorant keeps body odour and sweat under control

About the Brand: Tabac Original - a milestone in men's fragrances. First launched in 1959, Tabac Original has remained one of the most successful men's fragrance and grooming ranges in Germany, and is a brand that men have trusted for generations. Tabac Man and Tabac Gentle Men's Care complement the portfolio with exquisite fragrances for men.

Tabac Original Craftsman Deodorant Spray (200 ml)

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